All photography provided by Pascal Bernier

I started this team after my 8 year old son took 2nd place in the NY City Championships in the spring of 2009. It grew organically as we began to train in Chelsea Park, adjacent to the Chelsea Houses. We set our sights on college athletic scholarships for under privileged youth. It was not long before we realized our mission went well beyond college. Our athletes take with them the most important lessons of life...hard work leads to just reward, what it means to be a team, how belief in yourself, and trust in your coach, can conquer all fear.

Our Mission

It is our mission to provide each of our athletes with the knowledge, focus and understanding of how to achieve their goals in life, and on the track. Through professional training methods, experienced coaching and the support of our parents, we can achieve these goals. We will educate the children on how to control their bodies and their minds. They will experience the benefits of good fitness, healthy competition and increased self esteem. They will learn that with dedication and hard work, you can achieve your goals. We support EFFORT as opposed to TALENT. We evaluate each student athlete and target specific goals for each individual. Student athletes gain confidence through an emphasis based on effort, and our acknowledgement of their improvement.

“Many believe that your destiny is already written. I believe that with hard work, discipline and the will to never give up, you can control your own destiny in the USA.”
— Ron Guialdo, Chelsea Greyhounds Head Coach

What We've Achieved

  • We train youth athletes to compete and win on a National platform
  • We train youth athletes to achieve athletic scholarships to colleges and universities
  • Our coaches are USATF trained, Double Goal certified, SafeSport certified and complete background checks annually
  • We have a culturally diverse roster of athletes ranging in age from 7-18 years
  • We have created 10 All American athletes since the beginning of this team in 2009
  • We have achieved a family of athletes, coaches, parents and officials within our New York Association
  • We are respected throughout our Region as a top competitor